Frequently Asked Questions 

What is colored mulch?
Colored mulch is wood, usually scrap wood or recycled wood product, that is colored with iron oxide or carbon-based pigment dispersions to attain a uniform, attractive appearance. Beach Trucking only uses all natural tree products.

Is Colored Mulch safe? 
Beach Trucking is very careful to use only safe and environmentally friendly materials and colorants.

Do the Colors last?
The color of the mulch created in the coloring process should stay locked onto the wood for months once the color dries. Still, weathering will erode the wood itself, and after a mulch season (spring to fall) some of the wood will wear away, giving the product a faded appearance. Colored mulch stored in a pile does not dry efficiently. Please allow for 24hrs of dry weather after spreading your colored mulch.

Do the Colors stain sidewalks and driveways? Clothes?
Yes, the colors are a risk to stain driveways, sidewalks, and clothes if the mulch has not dried thoroughly. Before laying mulch that might still be wet on a driveway or sidewalk, lay down a tarpaulin, and it's a good idea to water the drive or sidewalk before and after dumping the mulch so that any color that does get on the surface has less chance to dry. Then, use soap and water and a broom to try to brush up any remaining color while it is still wet.

Does the color hurt my plants?
No the major pigment components are iron oxide (rust) and carbon. These are present to various degrees in all soils and pose no added risk to most plants. Of course, some plants are extremely sensitive to any change in environment a landscaper will know which these are, and will probably be able to recommend proper environmental controls for them.

How do I know how much mulch I need?
Mulch is sold by the cubic yard. Typically, the user only wants to spread mulch between 2 and 3 inches deep (any deeper and there can be problems with plant diseases, fungi, and so on). Area Calculations: Draw your site as accurately as possible - graph paper works well. For odd or complex shapes, divide the area into combinations of rectangles, triangles, and/or circles. Use the following formulas to determine area:

Rectangle: Area = length x width
Circle: Area = 3.1416 x the square of the radius
Triangle: Area = 1/2 x length of base x length of height

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Want to know how much Mulch or TopSoil to purchase?

Mulch or TopSoil Thickness
Landscape Area (square feet)

cubic feet or
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* rounded up to the nearest cubic yard


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